About LeatherGoth Studio

LeatherGoth is dedicated to producing some of the most unique leather items.

As an artist, maker, designer and fortunately a ‘mad man in a lab’ I have always been creative and have a love for the unusual and artistic.

Using a blend of 21 century and traditional mostly forgotten primative techniques, I create original designs of beautifull, functional and truly fantastic leather accessories, body armour, jewelry and simply anything you can imagine.

I’ve have developed new ways of fabricating strong and beautiful leather panels which are built into amour that creates unbelievable interest wherever it is seen.

I keep small collection of items including masks, leather crowns, vembraces and body armour in stock for photo shoots etc. I’m inspired by science fiction and fantasy, fetish, high fashion, Gothic and Steampunk styles.

All my leatherwork is handmade and each piece I make is either unique or part of a strictly limited production run.

Leather being a very natural material may have slight imperfections although I make every endevor to minimise this in each finished product.

The pieces I produce are actually real and functional, therefore they stand up to the highest scrutiny.

These products are definitely not for the shy and retiring but can produce elevated levels of confidence, you may meet someone else in one of my bespoke pieces but you will never turn up at an event and meet someone wearing the same thing. It is almost impossible for me to be out for more than an hour without having requests for photos.

Items are designed with the client and even sometimes literally built around the customer.

There is simply nothing that can directly compete with this both in the domestic and international markets. https://LeatherGoth.co.uk


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